I have not changed – you can expect the same common sense, conservative philosophy from me as your City Councilman that you saw on the Commissioners Court. The same principles, beliefs and values that have guided my professional and personal life will guide my decisions on the City Council.


Corpus Christi is undergoing an unprecedented amount of growth. Working to determine the most responsible course of development will be the central issue for the City Council for years to come.

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When you go to sell a vehicle in South Texas, the fact that your A/C works properly doesn’t add value, but a broken A/C almost instantly kills the deal. For the city, getting our water systems and streets in order is the same.

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Growth in and around Corpus Christi means a population boom is coming and, in fact, already underway. It is critical that the city employs enough emergency personnel, with the right equipment, to keep residents safe.

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About Mike

Mike Pusley is a lifelong resident of Nueces County who graduated from Roy Miller High School in 1969. He has been married to Norma Pusley for over 47 years. They have two daughters, Candace and Courtney in addition to five beautiful grandchildren.

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